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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies


What to expect Before, During & After your massage

Before you arrive, take a warm bath (if possible). The warm water will begin the relaxation process and increase the blood flow near the skin. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time, you will complete a health history form and the Massage Therapist will review it with you to determine the best treatment based on your needs.

During the massage, keeping conversations to a minimum helps you to relax more. Your massage is your massage. This is time set aside for you. If you wish to ask questions during your session, please feel free to do so. If you prefer silence, that is fine too. Be aware that during some types of massage some level of communication is required to provide you with the desired outcome. Please let your therapist know if they need to adjust the pressure.

After the massage, be sure to hydrate with plenty of water (enough to make your urine clear). Your body weight in ounces is recommended on a daily basis, this is even more important after a massage. Most people who feel achy the day after a massage either forgot or ignored our reminder to drink plenty of water in the 48 hours after the session. If you don't drink enough water, you may feel worse the next day, like a cold was coming on or very fatigued. This just means that your body is still cleaning itself out. As a general rule, ice helps with inflammation. Use ice, instead of heat.

*Note: Prices, specials, policies, and services are subject to change without prior notice.*


How do I schedule an appointment?

All you need to reserve your appointment is a phone and a credit or debit card. You may use another form of payment once the services have been rendered. This is to ensure that you will show up for the time that you have reserved. 

Payment is due at time of service. Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee. There are no refunds once services have been rendered.

I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. 

In my desire to be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honored:

What is your cancellation policy?

Please allow 24 to 48 hours advance notice to reschedule or cancel. Cancellations in less than 24 hours and “No shows” will be responsible for the FULL VALUE of the scheduled appointment. The charges will go on the credit card you gave when scheduling your appointment. These rules also apply to Gift Certificates and other promotions. After the first missed appointment, you will be required to pre-pay for your next massage. After two missed appointments, you will be dismissed from the massage clinic. 

What should I know about Gift Certificates / Coupons?

It is the responsibility of the client to keep up with their coupons/gift certificates. They must be presented at time of service to be redeemed for credit. No refunds. Can NOT be replaced if lost or stolen. They must be used in full, no cash back. The amount paid will be the amount redeemed. If you upgrade your massage or prices have changed, you will be responsible for the difference. Can NOT be combined with other specials, discounts, promos, coupons or any other offer. If you miss your scheduled appointment or fail to give at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation, your gift certificate /coupon will be considered redeemed and becomes null and void. If you arrive late for your appointment, you will be given the time remaining. Appointments are REQUIRED to redeem a gift card.

Do you take walk-ins?

No, please call to schedule your appointment.

Please call to set up a time to purchase a gift certificate also.

Do I need to arrive early?

Please arrive at least 7 minutes early to use the restroom and ensure adequate time for us to discuss any changes in your health or medical status. Also, if you are a new client or have not completed a form in awhile, you will need to complete a health intake form. Your session will start and end at the scheduled time.

What if I'm running late?

Please give a courtesy call or text as soon as you know. Late arrivals are not granted extensions, and will receive the remainder of their scheduled session and full session price will be due. If you are 15 minutes late, your appointment may be considered missed. You will then be charged a missed appointment fee. Please contact the therapist directly.
Additionally, if you schedule a one hour session and decide to only get a 30 minute session, you will still be charged for the time that you initially scheduled.

What can I expect for my first massage?

When you arrive for your first appointment, you will be required to fill out a Health Intake Form(s) and sign the Office Policies form(s). After discussing your health history, current need for massage, and any painful areas of concern we will create a personalized session tailored just for your body. Then you will be given a few minutes of privacy to undress to your level of comfort before laying on the massage table. You will be draped in sheets and a blanket or towel for the duration of the session. Take a few breaths to settle in and the therapist will knock before entering the room again. Once the massage begins, feel free to openly communicate if you would like to change the pressure, temperature, music, or have a drink of water. This is your time to relax, so be comfortable and content!

Why do I need to fill out the Health Intake Form?

The more the therapist knows of your medical history, the better they can adjust the techniques/products used during your session. Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure how to answer a question, just ask. Take responsibility to update your form when necessary (e.g. recent surgeries, new painful areas of concern, skin rash, new medications, etc). These forms need to be updated at least yearly.

Is there ever a bad time to get a massage?

Actually, yes. If you are suffering from fever, virus, severe burns, poison ivy, or any other form of widespread skin rash/irritation, please refrain from booking a session or call to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours. Also, if you've suffered from an injury within the past 36-72 hours, it may be best to practice RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) and/or seek medical help. Lastly, if you are currently ill or are even 'starting to feel better today' after an extended illness, just wait a little longer before receiving a massage (massage promotes healthy immune function by improving lymphatic circulation but this may make an ill person feel worse). 

COVID19 / FLU requirements: If you have tested positive/have symptoms of COVID19 or the FLU you will need to reschedule your appointment. 

If you have recently received ANY vaccinations, you will need to wait 2 weeks before receiving a massage. If you have been around anyone who tested positive for COVID19 and you have no symptoms, you do not need to reschedule. 

Can you help me avoid the doctor?

I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of North Carolina. I cannot diagnose medical diseases or disorders, prescribe medications, or perform manipulations or adjustments of the human skeletal structure. I will be happy to refer you to those who are licensed to do so.

Can I bring my child with me?

To enjoy the full benefits of massage, children are not allowed in the treatment room unless they are old enough to enjoy their own session. You will not be able to fully relax.
We do not have a babysitter on staff, please do not leave children unattended in the waiting area.

Do you accept tips?

Although not expected, gratuities are accepted and appreciated.

Do you perform erotic massage?

No. Never. If this is what you seek, do not contact me. I provide only non-sensual, professional therapeutic massage. Any act of sexual misconduct or harassment by the client will immediately terminate the session, and full payment will be due. Law enforcement will be notified if deemed appropriate. Do not 'hint' or make 'suggestions' that are in reference to sexual conduct. Any such statements will be noted in your client record and may be shared with other massage therapists.

I have the right to refuse clients from scheduling or re-scheduling and I have the right to terminate a session at anytime at my discretion.

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